From Freelance to Freedom with Debra Jason

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Having been in business since 1989, I’ve received many inquiries from freelancers and creative solopreneurs. Some of have been working hard for a long time and feeling frustrated. Others have been at it part time, waiting for the day they could do it as a full time career, but frightened about taking that leap.

The Freelancers’ Crash Course to Freedom program came about as the result of those calls and e-mails. It is designed to help freelancers and solopreneurs recognize that while they may be in business FOR themselves, they’re not BY themselves. One of the most important elements in my business is COMMUNITY – building meaningful relationships & connecting with people.

I want those people you refer to become part of a heartfelt, supportive community. This program is designed to empower your customers and clients with tips, techniques and strategies that I’ve used in 24 ½ years of being in business on my own. You see, I want them to achieve lasting success in their businesses as well.

I encourage them to embrace their potential to create the lifestyle they've been dreaming about, doing what they LOVE with people they LOVE working with - all while making a difference. Rest assured that I will treat them with honesty and integrity.

And, I will nurture them as you do. I am grateful for your support.

Here’s to your sweet success.

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